Shower Screens: Installation, Maintenance, and Types

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One way to improve your bathroom is to make it more functional and maximize the floor space. Switching from curtains to shower screen can make a big difference. For quality and easier maintenance, our team recommends installing shower screens to improve your bathroom area. This can make your bathroom look more spacious and improves its overall look.

Different types of shower screens

To help you find the best shower screen for your bathroom here are some options available. Choose the best one that matches the size and design of your bathroom.

  • Pivot door – this is the best option for smaller bathrooms. Many homeowners prefer the semi-frameless pivot door shower screen to make the area look bigger and brighter. A simple division from the toilet can make it look more organised.
  • Sliding door – one of the most common types of shower screens today is the sliding door. Most sliding doors are fully-framed. Its versatility works both with small or large bathrooms.
  • Fixed and swing – You will usually this in private room resorts. It features a fully framed fixed glass with a smaller swing panel.
  • Fixed panel – also a fully framed shower screen, which is usually fixed to the bath edge or straight onto a tiled floor or bases. While this type can work with smaller bathroom, it is best to have this on larger areas.
  • Corner unit – a customised corner unit features a square base with one corner removed. This is the better version of pivot screens. It has a pivot door and can be attached on the hob of a spa or on a base or tiled floor.

When using tinted glass showers screens, make sure they match the flooring. Also, tinted glass may show up soap scum and other marks, which requires more maintenance.

Before looking for suppliers or service providers, make sure they have proper business documents to present you. You may browse their website to check out some of their previous projects. Read testimonials and customers’ feedback about their work. This can help you gauge the quality of their services. You should also ask them if they will provide a warranty or guarantee of any form.

Cleaning your shower screens

The first thing you need to do is to get the right cleaning products. If you go to any supermarket, you’ll find shelves and shelves of bathroom cleaners, and these are typically great for getting baths, showers, and basins clean. However, are they really the best way to clean shower doors? Yes – partly because these products have often been specially designed for the purpose, but also because the instructions on the label (which are always essential reading) will suggest the best technique for a gleaming, flawless clean. We like Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Spray for a streak-free shower door.

For some people, however, it may be easier, more convenient, or cost effective to use products most of us already have in our cleaning cupboards at home. If you are tempted to try an alternative, believe it or not one of the best cleaning products for a shower screen is laundry detergent – preferably a powder.

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